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We put the focus on you and your learning needs.

Learning is supported through multiple channels to encourage attention, retention, and application of skills.​

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IIT, Guwahati

Teacher education

Empower teachers with the skills, methods, tools, techniques, and certifications to enable their learners to prepare for the world.

Inquiry-based Learning

We use questions, problems, and scenarios to help teachers learn through their own context and investigation.

Active learning

We engage teachers directly in designing and trying out content and strategies in the same style they are designing for their students.

Ready-to-use techniques, tools and templates

We reduce preparation time by giving tools designed for teachers to dive straight into action.

Peer network

Participants are connected through our online community where exchange of ideas and stories can continue for sustained development

The five dimensions of teacher development

Evolving as a 21st Century Teacher

Understand your capabilities, responsibilities, and opportunities to grow as an educator

Engaging the Modern Learner

Provide the environment, guidance, and engagement where students learn best

Teaching English

Build students’ language skills so they can effectively understand others and convey their ideas clearly

Teaching Communication Skills

Focus on skills that students need to make meaning, interact, and be successful in social and work environments

Teaching Future (21st Century) Skills

Equip students with skills that are more resilient in the changing job market

Certificate offerings for teachers

Teaching Knowledge Test (TKT)

University of Cambridge, ESOL

Business English Certificate (BEC)

University of Cambridge, ESOL

Upskill and reskill your teachers today

Skills development for students

Employability Skills

Get ready for the job market

Communication Skills

Gain the skills to communicate in a clear, confident and effective way

Language Skills

Develop proficiency and achieve industry certificates in English

Public Speaking Skills

Become a dynamic speaker and connect with your audience.

Certificate Offerings for Students

IELTS Training


Employability Skills

With SkillGym’s Employability Skills Training, you develop personal and social skills, attitudes and behaviours that are sought by employers in all sectors.

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What you'll gain

Be Workplace Ready

Learn about workplace culture and communication

Get Support

Prepare within a safe environment using simulated exercises

Be a Leader

Practice critical thinking and problem-solving skills

Be Visible

Craft a résumé that gets read

Be Confident

Master presentations and group discussions

Ace the Interview

Present a professional and confident persona to your prospective employers

Workplace Effectiveness

Help your employees communicate effectively, and deal with different behaviors and situations.

The ability to send clear, concise messages and listen well can mean the difference between successful business relationships and lost productivity.

Introduce new skills or enhance existing ones to increase individual productivity and improve workplace dynamics.

Courses for Workplace Effectiveness

Business Communication Strategies

Writing Business Emails

Frontline Leadership​

Project Management

Customer Service

Design Thinking for Managers

Critical Thinking Skills

Team Management

Powerful Presentations

Persuading and Influencing Others

Making an Impact in Meetings

Communicating Challenging Messages